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Q & A's 

Q:        Is New Hope Academy a recognized school?


A:         New Hope Academy (NHA) is a recognized private school in the state of Florida. NHA is registered with the Florida Department of education.


Q:        What does the term "umbrella" mean?


A:         Just like an umbrella covers you when it rains, an “umbrella school” is a covering of students. This allows students to be under a private school administration and not under the requirements of the state laws. Members of NHA are considered private school students, not homeschooled students.


Q:        What curriculum do you require that we use while enrolled with New Hope Academy?


A:         Unlike traditional schools where every student must use the same curriculum, NHA families have the ability to choose the curriculum that best fits the need of their student(s). Students can be grade levels ahead or behind their actual grade depending on their abilities and desires.


Q:        We prefer the unit study approach. Is that acceptable?


A:         NHA’s only requirement for students is that high school credits will only be given for high school level material, regardless of what curriculum is used. Parents have the freedom to choose online classes (grades 3-12), parent directed material, or dual enrollment classes. All Curriculum must be approved by NHA. We have a list of all approved curriculum. 


Q:        Why do you require immunization records, birth certificates, physicals, and waivers?


A:         Florida State Law requires private schools to have immunization records, birth certificates, and physicals or waivers on file. Therefore, we require these documents and must keep them on file.


Q:        Are standardized tests required?


A:         Standardized testing is optional for students in Kindergarten through 7th grade. We REQUIRE standardized testing for 8th through 10th, with 11th having the choice of standardized testing or a form of the ACT/SAT. Provisions will be made for students with documented learning disabilities who cannot pass standardized testing. Also, their test scores will be reviewed with this in mind.


Q:        Why are your fees lower than most schools that provide the same service? And how do you operate on such a low tuition?


A:         NHA understands that it costs a lot to school your child(ren). At this time, we have no office help that is paid. They are all volunteers. That is the only way we can keep our cost so low. We also count on DONATIONS. All DONATIONS go directly to help students, either via a scholarship or administrative costs to help run the school. ANY amount is welcome.


Q:        Do you have a Manual that can be mailed or emailed to me?


A:         All our information is available on this website: If you do not have access to a computer printer, we will be happy to mail you our information.


Q:        I'd like references. Would New Hope Academy give me a list of student's names and phone numbers?


A:         To protect our students and their families, we do not give out lists of our members. Upon request, we can give you a few e-mail addresses of willing members to answer any questions you may have. It will be their decision as to whether they reply to your e-mail.


Q:        How long does New Hope Academy plan to be in existence?


A:         NHA has no plans to cease operating.




Q:        If I enroll my child early, may he begin school at a later date?


A:         Our reporting periods are broken into quarters; August through October, October through December, January through March, March through May. 


Q:        When is the best time to enroll?


A:         The best time to enroll is for the coming year would be after you have finished your current year and before you start your next year.


Q:        I am still trying to decide and obtain the curriculum that I plan to use. Must I submit the Curriculum List now?


A:         The curriculum list is due September 10th of each year.




Q:        When are reports due? What is involved in reporting to New Hope Academy?


A:         We give you a schedule each year when all reports are due. This is so we can get report cards out on time. Curriculum lists are due September 10th. Seniors have their final semester’s grades due in May. We DO require samples of your work. If you do not use a traditional curriculum, we strongly suggest that you keep a portfolio (samples of work, journal, log, etc.) of your student’s work. 


Q:        We've had a death/birth in the family. Can we get an extension on the due date?


A:         If your family is experiencing a hardship, you may contact us to discuss a reporting extension.


Q:        What happens after a report is submitted?


A:         After a report is submitted, it is recorded and placed in the student’s file. You are encouraged to keep a copy of all reports for your records.




Q:        What are your requirements for graduation? After graduating from New Hope Academy, will my child receive a diploma?


A:         NHA has three diplomas offered: College Prep Track, General Academic Track, and Vocational Track. Each student must declare which track they are pursuing when entering the 11th grade. We also offer a “Certificate of Completion” (not a diploma) for students who are unable to pass the 10th grade Standardized Test.


Q:        Does New Hope Academy have a College Board/Testing Code number?


A:       We do …  our school code is 6 digits:  (102-377)


Q:        Does the diploma mention homeschooling or correspondence school?


A:         NHA’s diplomas do not mention anything of homeschooling/correspondence school nature. Our diploma resembles many private or public school diplomas.


Q:        I am an adult. Is it possible for me to receive a high school diploma through your program?


A:         Adults are welcome to enroll in NHA. We'll be happy to assist them in setting up an accelerated graduation plan so that they may receive their high school diploma in a timely fashion. Or, if they are not in a hurry, we will create a more traditional course of study. Contact us for more details.




Q:        I'm interested in enrolling with Florida Virtual High School. Can you help me?


A:         Yes, we can help. Students enroll with FLVS and report their courses and grades to NHA. Students will earn high school credit for the courses they complete with FLVS. Courses will appear on the student's transcript and be applied toward graduation. For more information on Florida Virtual School, visit NHA must register each year with FLVS for students to indicate on their FLVS application that they’re enrolled with us!!!


Q:        We are Florida residents; however, my high school students participate in the local high school's extracurricular activities. Is it possible to receive the record-keeping services of New Hope Academy without losing our status as homeschoolers with our county?


A:         Currently students enrolled in any private school are not allowed to participate in the public school’s extracurricular activities. Therefore, it is not possible to use our services and keep the status of a homeschooler with the county.


Q:        Is New Hope Academy a "600" school? If so, what does "617" mean?


A:         All private schools in Florida are “600” schools. We are a “617” school which means we are a non-profit school, and we can provide legal covering to all Florida residents.


Q:        When do we send in our letter to terminate our homeschool program?


A:         As soon as the student is enrolled in NHA, the parent should send a letter to their School Board or Superintendent of School's office terminating their homeschool program. The letter should contain each child's legal name and date-of-birth. And it, as any correspondence sent to the county, should be mailed USPS Certified with return receipt requested. Retain the receipt in the child's important records at home. Failure to send in the letter of termination could result in the parent submitting a portfolio evaluation or standardized test scores to the School Board at the end of the year.


Q:        How do we join FPEA through New Hope Academy?


A:         To join FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) through New Hope Academy go to and print the membership form. Send the form and a check in the amount of $18.00 payable to NHA to our address. In order to receive the group discount, the check and form will need to be mailed to us, and the check must be made payable to NHA by September 30th. The best time to join FPEA is during the summer. Membership ends in September of the next year. Contact us or FPEA for more information.


Q:        Why does New Hope Academy have a Statement of Faith?


A:         New Hope Academy’s Statement of Faith must be signed by all families before they are accepted into the group. The Statement of Faith lists the basic tenets of Christianity. The Statement of Faith is to inform everyone of the standards held by New Hope Academy. By stating our common beliefs, we can attend functions with the understanding and expectation that the families we will be interacting with have the same values.



Q:        Who is eligible for a scholarship?


A:         New Hope Academy offers scholarships available to families in need. The scholarship covers the membership fee for NHA for 1 year. The NHA Board of Directors decides on scholarship recipients. If your family is in need or you know of a family who would benefit from a scholarship to NHA, please contact a Board member.


Q:        What is FPEA and do I have to join when I join New Hope Academy?


A:         FPEA is the Florida Parent Educators Association and is a statewide organization. They offer homeschooling information and they have a large convention in Orlando every May. As a member of FPEA you are entitled to various benefits including a newsletter and a reduced price for convention tickets. There is a membership fee for FPEA; however if you join through New Hope Academy, your FPEA membership fee is decreased.


Q:        What is the deadline to join FPEA through New Hope Academy in order to receive the discounted group rate?


A:         The deadline to join FPEA through New Hope Academy is September 30th. After that time you may still join FPEA on an individual basis through


Q:        If I join New Hope Academy midyear, may I get a discount on the membership fee?


A:         The regular New Hope Academy year runs from August 1st through May 31st. We do not discount the fee for members who join after that date.

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