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On May 23, 2009 New Hope Academy met to Organize as a Private School. We formed our School Board with our Officers, Statement of Faith, Statement of Purpose, and Guidelines for the School. 

Since then we have had many changes to NHA to keep up with the needs of our students and parents. 

Notebook and Pen

Principal's Message

We are excited about this school year and are humbled that you have considered New Hope Academy or are joining us for the first time. We are privileged to assist and guide you as your child seeks his or her educational goals.


At NHA, we know that we are a cornerstone, a foundation, which your child's educational background is built upon. We believe that every child has an innate ability to learn and will learn to the best of their ability if given the opportunity and the appropriate tools to do so.


It is our intent to:

  • Create a challenging learning process…

  • Encourage continual self-reflection…

  • Provide opportunities to succeed…

  • Embrace global open mindedness…

  • Build character thru service to others

  • Empower students to seek their own journey…

  • Equip students to be effective communicators…

  • Challenge students to embrace lifelong learning…


This website should answer any questions that you may have about New Hope Academy, however, if you need further information or clarity, we will be glad to communicate with you by email, text, or phone. 

Mission Statement

  • New Hope Academy's mission is  to inspire learning, strengthen families, instill Godly character, and embrace the Christian World View.



We are here to assist you in helping your child/ren

get the best home education they possibly can.

Feel free to call or email us if we can help you in any way.

Mrs. Audrey Mitchell


Mrs. Nancy Harmon


Judy DeSantis


Suzanne Clark


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