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NHA Will...

●Enrollment in New Hope Academy meets the Florida compulsory attendance requirement. 

●K-12 Educational guidance (Curriculum and 5YP).  We will help you customize your curriculum for your child!

●Maintenance of school records, with customized attendance/grade sheets. 

●Maintain all student record, and provide report cards, and transcripts.

●Accredited high school diploma upon completion.

●We offer placement testing when needed.

●We help with dual-enrollment offered at local colleges (IRSC).

●We offer on line curriculum available for students 3rd - 12th grades.

●We accept students with learning disabilities.

●We are working to accept the Gardnier Scholarship (we hope to have this in the very near future).

●We use the (BASI) Standardized Testing for grades 3-8 administered by NHA.

●We admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.

●We have a Graduation Ceremony for Graduates and Families

●We are a member of the National Honor Society (NHS).

●We work with eligible students to obtain their Bright Future Scholarships.

●We offer annual, semester, or monthly payment options. 

●We do not have co-ops or classes at this time. We are working on co-ops for the near future. If you are interested in helping with a co-op, please email

the office.

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