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An Accredited Private School

For Parent Directed Education



New Hope Academy, established in 2009, is fully accredited with (FCCSPA). We are registered as a 617 private school with the department of education.

We combine on-line, dual enrollment, and parent directed learning to help create the ideal learning environment for each student. We believe that taking advantage of any combination of these three learning environments encourages time management, problem solving, study, and critical-thinking skills.

NHA, will provide your student with a well rounded education that will prepare them to soar into their future endeavors for higher learning.

                                                                                                "Soaring Toward Your Future"


We are very proud of our Accreditation with the FCCPSA.

We will explain the process we go through to obtain our Accreditation with them.

We have recently obtained our 5 year Accreditation Certificate. We go to a workshop yearly to keep it up. Our records are on file in the office for anyone to view at anytime. Our certificate is on the office wall to view.


Accredited by FCCPSA, The Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation, Inc.

The FCCPSA is one of only fifteen accrediting agencies in Florida that is listed as approved by the FHSAA,  (Florida High School Sports Association) to accredit schools that wish to play sports in the state league.

The FCCPSA is approved by the Florida Department of Education as a Gold Seal Accrediting Agency

The FCCPSA is an Integrated Partner with AdvancED

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